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CD-IELTS Course in Chandigarh - StepUp IELTS

CD-IELTS Course Description

Your Journey ToStudy Abroad Starts Here At StepUp IELTS. StepUp IELTS has Started training students for CD-IELTS. Study CD-IELTS at Chandigarh’s Award Winning Institute to fulfil all your dreams of studying abroad.

What Is CD-IELTS? CD-IELTS is a Computer Delivered Version of IELTS, which could earlier be taken only on paper mode. There are more test date available, allowing the students to choose test dates according to their convenience. CD-IELTS can be takenfor both Academic and General Training, whichmakes it convenient for students to choose their preferred way of taking the exam.

What are theSimilaritiesbetween CD-IELTS &IELTS?

1. Speaking section is same for both of them as speaking in both of them is given to a human examiner.
2. Rest 3 module – Writing, Reading, Listening is done in one sitting.
3. Types of questions are same in both of them.
4. Scoring pattern is same.
5. Validity & Acceptance.

What Are TheDifferences Between CD-IELTS &IELTS?

1. IELTS is Pen & Paper based whereas CD-IELTS Is Computer Delivered.
2. Results take only 5-7 days whereas result of IELTS takes 14 days.
3. Writing task is marked by examiner for higher accuracy.
4. The test is more convenient.
5. Smaller groups of student give exam together.

Length OfTest

1. Listening (Online)- 30 Minutes 2. Reading (Online)- 60 Minutes
3. Writing (Online)- 60 Minutes
4. Speaking (Face ToFace)- 11-14 Minutes

For Video Tutorial Visit https://www.ieltsidpindia.com/information/practice-test-videos

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