Why You Should Join Stepup IELTS?

With thousands of IELTS institutes open in every corner of every other small and big city and with more and more claimants of best IELTS coaching, we present to you the unique features of our educational services that not only earns us the rapport of the Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh but also provide us the contentment and pleasure of satisfying every single student taking IELTS coaching in our Institute.† Have a look at†our special features that have helped us in fulfilling our promises to the best and shaping lives of our students with our best in class IELTS coaching and guidance:

Experts made study material

Our IELTS experts constantly research and review the study material to make it comprehensible so that it is easily grasped by any student whether blessed with an average or sharp grasping power.

Building Concepts

Rather than just discharging the duties and performing the role as a formality, we firmly believe in building concepts of the students so that no one lags behind. Our experts strictly adopt the right procedure of teaching by going step by step and emphasize on building concepts of the students.

Personalized attention

We understand that every student is different from other. What may be easy for one student, may not be easy for the other. We, therefore, offer personal attention to work out on the weaknesses of the students and strengthen their strong points to maximize their chances of high bands in their IELTS exam.

Mock Tests

We know the importance of evaluating the studentís performance to ensure that they are improving. We, hence, conduct weekly mock tests or as and when possible from time to time to see that students are learning from their mistakes and working on them to get good bands.

Interview preparation

Step Up IELTS lay special focus in preparing the students for their interview. We emphasize on the speaking module of IELTS and thus remove the student's hesitation and improve their fluency. This boost the confidence of our students and they perform excellent in their interview.

Academic and General Modules

We offer training for both IELTS general test as well as IELTS academic test. So, whether students want to pursue their studies abroad or want to immigrate for other purposes, we serve all our students and other clients keeping their interests in mind and their purpose of going abroad.

A special time for each module

We allocate special time to improve the reading, writing and other skills of our students that are assessed in IELTS exam. We are very well aware of the fact that the performance of every single module has a direct impact on the overall score of the students and therefore, aim to help our students to attain mastery over every skill involved and assessed.

Visa Guidance

One major service that has made us the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh is our plethora of visa and immigration services we give to our students and other clients. Our prime goal in offering quality and reliable visa guidance to students is helping them fulfill their dreams of studying Abroad or settling down in foreign countries. If you need assistance or have any doubts, you can call us at†+91-6239180270 Or†You can visit our Office Adress:† SCO 13-14-15, Sector -34A, 3rd Floor, Chandigarh (Above Dominos), India.† Or you†can mail your queries at†