Powerful tips to Improve Spoken English

Do you struggle speaking English fluently or you feel that you could speak really well but your words just don’t come out of your mouth? Are you the student dreaming to speak fluently before you enter into the corporate world or you are the adult trying very hard to secure high roles in the job with your constant breaks in English. If this is your case, you have got to read this post. This post has some powerful tips to improve spoken English. But before you begin reading, it is equally important that you understand why there is so much hype about learning and improving Spoken English. English is an official language for a majority of the countries in the world. It is a dominant business language. So, if you can’t speak English, you are at a steep disadvantage. Just in case you are not convinced, English speakers earn 30 to 35 percent more in their jobs while non-fluent English speakers are more likely to be underemployed and paid a lower salary. Apart from this, those planning to go abroad also require Strong English skills. It does not matter, whether the purpose of going abroad require proficiency in British English or American English, proficiency in basic English is a complete necessity. Here are the simplest yet powerful tips that have the potential to improve your English speaking skills drastically. Take a look:

Read Loudly

You cannot speak English fluently if you read silently. Read Loud whatever text you come across in your day to day life. Whether it’s your social media post, an informative article, news or anything else, kindly develop a habit of reading every single content written in English loudly. It should be loud enough that you hear properly what you read. When you read anything loudly, the words, phrases everything goes into your head accurately. You develop a better understanding of the usage of grammar. Your pronunciation improves as a result.  Of all the other tips, this is the simplest one with the highest potential of bringing the best results in terms of Spoken English.

Do Not Speak English. Think English

You should always try to speak English after giving yourself few seconds to think in English. “Think in English” means you have to think how you are going to answer or what you are going to say in English. These few seconds can really do wonder. Try it once. You will come up with the right words and right grammar. Your conversation will no longer ruin due to unnecessary pauses, hmms and nervousness.

Start Speaking Now

If you have intentions of speaking in English after achieving fluency then forget about it. That day will never come. Start Speaking right now. Don’t wait for gaining the complete knowledge of the language. This is what we believe and this is what we practice in our Institute in ChandigarhYou will notice a drastic improvement in your Spoken English.

Immediate Application of learning

Use what you learn right away else you will forget it. One biggest advantage when you immediately use things or any lesson learned is that you will never have to put special efforts to remember later in your life. That will remain stored in your memory forever. You should intentionally use the words, the rules or the phrases three-four times in the next two weeks. Your intentional application of the learning would reward you whole life by staying in your memory forever.

Sufficient knowledge of rules

To learn any language, you need not start going very deep into the rules that strengthen the grasp over the language. Having a basic knowledge would, however, be necessary and more than sufficient. This Same rule applies to students working to achieve fluency in the English language.

Exceptions prevail

Exceptions to the rules prevail everywhere. English language is also weird sometimes where students might get confused as to why a particular rule is not being followed here. It is highly recommended that in your initial stage you would better not confuse yourself with those exceptions. Rather, just learn those illogical exceptions instead of finding a reason and see how you keep progressing in the direction of improving Spoken English.


If you are also fed up with struggling with your English skills then implement the above mentioned powerful tips and let us know the level of improvement in your spoken English. We are waiting to hear from you about your experience. If you need assistance or have any doubts, you can call us at +91-6239180270 Or You can visit our Office:  SCO 13-14-15, Sector -34A, 3rd Floor, Chandigarh (Above Dominos), India.  Or you can mail your queries at