Essential Tips for Ielts

IELTS test has certain structure and it is no different than any language test and for many people that is a problem. There are various measures of IELTS that can be intimidating unless you know how to handle them. People are afraid of the unknown, and the solution is to get familiar with all the daunting aspects of the IELTS exam. Take the element of surprise out of IELTS and these fears will fade away. Here are few essential tips that will help you in your ielts exam.

IELTS Listening essential tips

1) Always read the instructions very carefully
No more than two words and/or a number
You can write in your answer
a) Craftsmen
b) Local Craftsmen
c) 60 local Craftsmen
d) 60

2) Always use Pencil while transferring your answers on the answer sheet
3) Always transfer your answers in Capital Letter
4) Spelling is important so, always cross check your spelling after writing it.
5) Answer can come quickly so pay attention to listening track very carefully
6) There may be gap between listening answers so do not panic.
7) Keep your eyes on questions
8) Listen Plurals very carefully (Schools, Buses)
9) Practise spotting IELTS tricks
10) Practise every type of listening task

IELTS Reading essential tips

1) Always try to solve easy questions first and complicated later
2) Read instruction carefully
3) Look for the keywords
4) Do not make any assumptions
5) Manage your time wisely and practise it by reading newspaper at least one hour daily.
6) In multiple choice questions use Elimination method
7) Always transfer your answers in Capital letter
8) Spellings are very important please check each and every question spelling once you transfer your answers on answer sheet
9) Always use skim and scan method
10) Read questions very carefully then locate the answers

IELTS writing essential tips

1) Always write as per the topic requirement of the question.
2) Please avoid informal expressions
3) Do not use abbreviations (eg. / Example)
4) Please avoid repetition of content and connectors and words
5) Do not quote your personal example at the time of writing.
6) Please do proof reading after writing your both tasks
7) Manage your time very carefully
8) Always plan your both tasks before writing.
9) Always stick to systematic layout.
10) Take care of the tenses while writing task1

IELTS Speaking essential tips

1. Try to watch English channels and do not watch Hindi or Punjabi channels till the time you are preparing for IELTS examination.
2. Try to talk in English as much you can in your daily routine
3. You can practice your speaking in front of mirror
4. Always enjoy your English conversation.
5. Try to speak clear and fluent
6. Try to maintain the eye contact during the full interview.
7. If you do not understand any question please ask for the clarification.
8. Try to speak natural instead of memorised answers.
9. Try to give Round 1 and follow up answers in 2 to 3 lines.
10. Always relax and feel confident at the time of your speaking interviews